Pictures up from Behind the Scenes Night at the Burke Museum

Last month the Burke Museum held a special Behind the Scenes night for members of the museum. The even was well attended, with several hundred guests touring the ethnology, biology and paleontology collections.  The Fish Collection was well represented, showcasing the Five Facets of Familiar Fishes at Burke (cleared/stained collection, alcohol specimens, otoliths, skeletons, and eggs/larvae). Videos of our recent submersible expeditions were also featured on the large projector in the Burke Room, with specimens of representative Caribbean deep-reef fauna for visitors to see first hand.  Students Sarah Yerrace, Rachel Manning, Sam Ghods, and their friends/family came out to help Katherine and Luke showcase the collection and educate the public on the importance of natural history collections.  Overall the night was an incredible success, and we cannot wait to do it again next year!